Roaming Analysis – Using the Wi-Fi signal

I was at a customer site troubleshooting connectivity issues over the wireless.

Details about my customers environment

  • Wireless design  completed by a VAR but focus with the 5 GHz frequency in mind
  • External Omni directional antenna mounted 40 feet high
  • Warehouse (+freezer area)
  • 2.4 GHz scanners

I decided to turn on Wi-Fi signal(@adriangranados) along while I completed my survey using the Ekahau site survey.

First we got rid of  ‘rogues’ which crushed the spectrum


Unfortunately I have seen some ‘wireless’ engineers use a ‘green’ coverage area in ESS to indicate optimal design.


focusing on WiFi-Signal…

After completing the site survey I decided to go back and analyze what was captured with Wi-Fi signal.
As Wi-Fi engineers when requested to design an infrastructure for a specific(5 GHz) frequency knowing the dependencies that it has with 2.4 GHz (if using a fixed dual-band access point) should we recommend to the customers is that

1: A validation survey needs to be completed of the initial intended design

2: To advise that the 2.4 GHz radios should be managed in a manner which they experience minimal channel overlap.

These roaming analysis below shows my MacBook roaming across the wireless infrastructure.  The customers client base may not roam at the same thresholds but this analysis does give a good base.




End Notes:

1: Get a MacBook

2: Wi-Fi signal I believe is a very good tool to be used for analysis and can be used to show proper/improper channel an AP placement for very little $$$.  @adriangranados Apps are solid!



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