Microwave effect…

I was at a customer site and noticed odd channel selection by a Cisco WLC for a few of its attached Access Points.  I would manually trigger the Access Point to try a select a different, a more ‘optimal’ channel configuration but noticed by the next day that again RRM choosing what I would consider improper channel selection.

Why..well i decided to track down the location of the Access Point with the ‘wrong’ channel … a few in the cafeteria and some in the kitchen. Hmm … what was common here.. why was RRM being silly…or was it??

Didn’t make any sense..until someone wise mentioned “microwaves around these APs.”And my response, of course..now i felt silly myself for not catching it myself.So I decide to go to each of the areas where there were microwaves, place a SE mode AAP and watch the RF before, during and after the microwave being turned on.

See below

Screenshot (33)

So RRM wasn’t being wonky after all..  Know your RF environment before you judge RRM 🙂

Don’t let microwaves dictate your channel selection.

But this can be controlled – see below

802.11 - non-wifi


So the question is – if your client isn’t willing to swap out leaky microwaves. Is it better to not to take non-802.11 noise into the DCA calculations?

My experience is where the client usage is minimal then leaving the non-802.11-intefernce out of the calculation works out – even if there is voice over the Wi-Fi. Your APs don’t all hangout on channel 1.

Let me know your thoughts and or experience.

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