Which CU to reference??

While troubleshooting a voice over IP issue i noticed major variations between some of the devices I uses to measure Channel Utilization.

Below are images of three different perspectives
Chanalyzer showing utilization output from a 3700 AP(AAP) near “AP1″
Cisco 7925G showing utilization near “AP1″
WLC showing utilization from the “AP1”



The setting on Chanalyzer is default @ -80dBm  (yellow arrow)
“The Utilization Column in the Channels Tab shows the average utilization for the entire 20 MHz channel at the same amplitude setting in the Utilization Tab. The Utilization Tab setting controls the Utilization Column as well.”

The setting on the phone shows constant/instant updates and not averages

I assume the WLC setting/reading of the AP CU is also constant/instant and not averages

Now, which of the readings do you folks use to determine CU when troubleshooting and why.

Looking to see what the community experiences has to offer.

According to the Cisco Guide:
Channel Utilization- CU levels should be kept under 50%.
If using the 7925G, 7925G-EX, and 7926G phone, this is provided via the QoS Basic Service Set (QBSS), which equates to around 105.

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